36.1- Chasing The Light

Gene Key 36 Thee Beatitudes connected to the Mystical lineage of Christ or (Christ Conscious Gene) Climbing Tree Of Life “Chasing The Light.

Bringing Light to the Darkest places expands on consciousness as suffering merges with compassion as the heart implodes within the void of humanity. To have Courage to face your shadows and traumas buried so deep within our inner caverns allowing a purge via Self Love. To Create Clarity unravels the calamity of uncertainty to offer a transparent and quantumly driven reality. To Hold space for suffering takes vulnerability and courage to heal thyself and others with compassion. The War within is the path to cultivating Inner peace for a higher consciousness or Rainbow body which must be earned. 

The Underlying Meridians of the Underworld is a gravitational pull refining Light penetration to absorb efficiently in depths of our Wounds of Humanity. The Dissonance of transformation is evolution itself in Biofeedback within the pause of the core relationship in reflection. To Simulate a desired transformation calls upon a surrendering purgatory, embracing the creative conflict to integrate the feedback loop for the new experience to emerge. Unlocking the purpose of humanity is a powerful motive releasing a current of blissful DNA to activate the New human light body. 

The Alchemical transformation from suffering and victimhood in reference of Jesus repressing humanity to encourage strength to rise through the Fire of the Phoenix entering the Storm and becoming the Eye of  desire within turbulence, reminding us of the Power of Compassion. Although the storm is always around it can never become you, in control. One of the very few Gene Keys that allows a direct transformation from the Shadow to the Siddhi. Flourish through crisis or war and explore the frontiers of consciousness. Richard Rudd/Ra

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