Family Alchemy

The 37th Gk Mystery & The Golden Angle of 137.5

In the teaching given by Gudjieff there were two universal laws: THREE & SEVEN. 

Each phenomenon, in order to exist, must abide by these two laws. In the case of the law of Three, this means that everything in the universe must consist of at least three forces: (Active, Passive, and Neutral). Because the state of “Self-Remembering”, which is the core practice of this teaching, exists as a definite and measurable psychological condition, it must similarly consist of three parts, although these had not subsequently been formulated. Rodney Collin determined that if self-remembering was defined by divided attention, (keeping a ratio of one’s attention between oneself and the environment), there must be a third force overseeing these two; this he called God and symbolized by the sun. He likened this to the Holy Trinity (15-36-25), which consists of counter-rotating fields of light and energy that surround each person (Aura). This energy extends beyond the body and represents the balance between the seen and unseen world.

With the Amazing study of Robert Edward Grant the Electrons Captured by Element #137 as it moves at the Speed of Light. 137 is the Odds that the Electron will absorb the Photon, Bound by Interaction similar to the Electromagnetism of a Black Hole. 22/7=3.14 and 22/3020 Reduces to 1/137 as π7=3,020=e*(1,111) 1/137 is the equation of GOD and the Separation between Light & Dark as Euler & Pi Merge 

426 @ 3 (2/3xπ) & (e X ⅓) 3 @ 624

((Pi x ⅔)+(e x ⅓)=3.000 & (Pi x ⅔) x (e x ⅓)=3.6^5 360º))

As this Math Constant is Mirroring Infinity being the 33rd Prime representing the Age of Jesus at Resurrection and the Ratio of .5184 is connected to the Earth and Moon, Vutruvian Man and Pyramid Chambers. 

So as Dividing 1 by 7 (1/7= 0.142857142857142) is the ONLY pattern that stays consistent in fractions and (1/31= 0.032258064516129) Adding them up in addition and Sacred Math i get (2) running codes of (17511527373271) & (174116116464262) Communicating with the Gene Keys they show up as:



.72727×432= 3.14 Pi

222.5/360=0.618 Phi

137.5-(2225^5)= 137.035 (Alpha)

137.5/432= 0.3183 (1/Pi)

137.5/360= 0.3819 (Phi)

Communicating with the Gene Keys they show up as:


Gk 17- The Eye 

Gk 5- Ending Of Time

Gk 11- Light Of Eden

Gk 52- The Stillpoint

Gk 7- The Alpha

Gk 37- Family Alchemy

Gk 3- Through The Eyes of a Child

Gk 27- Food Of The Gods

Gk 1- The Spark to Syntropy

And (174116116464262)


Gk 17- The Eye

Gk 41- Prime Emanation

Gk 16- Magical Genius

Gk 11- Light Of Eden

Gk 64- The Aurora

Gk 6- Path To Peace

Gk 4- Universal Panacea

Gk 26- Sacred Trickster

Gk 2- Returning to The One

This reconnection to our Ancient Cosmic Wisdom is available to us via the process of Embodying our Ancient Wisdom as Earth Shamans and Water Priestesses , by engaging the wisdom and magic of the Air elements and Transformational elements of Fire so as to manifest Spirit into the Reality we wish to create. It is Now Time to work our gifts of CoCreation ,Alchemy and Manifestation so as To BE IN SERVICE at a whole new level of Conscious Co Creation.

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