49.1- Change the World from inside

Gene Key 49- Entering the Mystical Divorse to Birth a moment into hyperspace perceived with the 55th GK escaping fear imploding new patterns in a totally new cycle of phenotype. Altering the Form by Principles;

Imagine the World 40,000 years ago, Two different branches of Hominid, Neanderthal Man and The Cro-Magnon Man of 350,000 years ago.. The Rebirth of the Rave’n takes a whole new direction in its Uprising Spiral towards evolution in its quantum leap into Spiritual revolution, creating a successful death in the Mystical Divorse, of making decisions rooted in fear.

In this New beginning of reflection within Cell’F fractality, shall depend on the usage of our gifts in the zenith of consciousness to gracefully flower to the involutionary force working from the realms of spirit. A Genetic cleansing will take place after the 49Gk creates space for the rebirth by forgiveness. An Energy working its way down into form once the Genetic and Mystical Divorse takes way. 

The Early Echoes of our future are flowering within our crystalline consciousness mutating DNA to accommodate future awareness.  As we move into the Neutral Void Of Creation/ ZeroPoint we too enter the Alchemical Fires of the Underworld to be Transformed as we face our deepest Fears one by one. 

As we move into the frequencies of New Earth, we have chosen to move beyond Survival into Freedom!!! And hence the very gateways that once appeared to offer us protection need to be conquered , for only when we have conquered our deepest caverns, do we cultivate Fearlessness, Courage and Confidence to meet the Shadows of our Earthly realities and Transcend them with ease and grace. An essential  prerequisite as CoCreators of the New.

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