An Inspired free thinker and Conscious leader of Humanity follows his life path surrendering to the universal movement as a projector to find himself in a Cycle of Memories as guidance is aligned with future trends that has led to the Innerlife of the Underground Rivers within the eminence of a collective consciousness participating in a collective waveband. As we unlock the gates of shambhala and new dimensions we enter a wormhole of time and space as we traverse through a parallel universe within a metamorphosis of an illusion. To decode the password of self and allow an unlimited access to the stored wisdom of a universal hologram. As I decrypt the encryptions that reveal the trans-galaxy GPS coordinates to navigate the universal matrix.
At a Physical level, humans must absorb their entire animal nature within themselves in order for its true purpose to propel, as we know it as the True Nature of the Beast. The practice of Spiritual Agility allows a quantum leap into a lane of prosperity, abundance and healing within a sacred marriage and higher dimensions. 

The Integration of Heaven & Earth merge into equality as darkness seeks the light of Influence to create equivalent reform within the potential of the six hundred thirteen (613) laws of desire to reform the collective body of Humanity, restoring the dual plasmic fields to Bestow (+) and Receive (-) vitality and life force provided to reunite in totality.

In an attempt to regenerate the G Center of generational imbalance and Psychological reform within the covenants of our inner caverns is in the depth of our inner being and desires to emerge from ourselves and experience what the heavens have prepared for us all. With the opening of this Portal, one’s manifestation shall improvise in quantum time, as the qualities of the Creator (+) and qualities of the creature (-) find balance within restoration of humanity as the Soul creates an Immortal Body.  (Wavelength + Surrender) 

At a Physical level, humans must absorb their entire animal nature within themselves in order for its true purpose to propel, as we know it as the True Nature of the Beast. The practice of Spiritual Agility allows a quantum leap into a lane of prosperity, abundance and healing within a sacred marriage and higher dimensions. 


Gene therapy and Biohacking is the future of a tentative lifestyle. 

An Interference Pattern (//)=Void=Fixed Answers) that is transferred through our DNA must be resolved in Order for our Fractals to be Cleansed. The Coming of the Queendom -The Mechanics of Human Destiny and the Entire Story of Humanity! Each Key holds the Totality as they find each other again in Fractality is how the Crystalline Body is re-creating, the New Human. 

We can correct it by source code. Biohacking the consciousness gene aka God head allows a measurement of discernment to apply and multiply a spark that flowers into a potentially new innerverse which allows the void to correct its answers in a desired way which is bound by the 613 laws of desires. 

(Matthew 6:13 Lead us Not into Temptation?)

The most important thing is for humanity to realize that it is shifting hierarchical to heterarchical. Think about what the 7 does. It establishes a pattern and because of the pattern being for the future, if that pattern can be expressed, it can become influential. Ra

As we move into the frequencies of New Earth, we have chosen to move beyond Survival into Freedom!!! And hence the very gateways that once appeared to offer us protection need to be conquered , for only when we have conquered our deepest caverns, do we cultivate the Fearlessness, Courage and Confidence to meet the Shadows of our Earthly realities and Transcend them with ease and grace. An essential  prerequisite as CoCreators of the New.

a system that maps the evolution of Consciousness and the coming into manifestation of experiential reality.

When we speak of New Foundations, it is inevitable that we will be drawn towards working with Earth Energies, delving into our past gifts as Shamanic Shapeshifters to delve into the womb/ tomb of the Underworld/ subconscious to ferret out Wisdom of the Earth/ Womb of healing, nurturing, self care / preservation/ protection and the need of the hour..Embodiment!!

And while we are super enthused about spring and revival and rebirth, equal attention needs to be paid to the lessons of the Tomb…lest we repeat patterns!!

Earth Energies energies as we know work closely with the elements of Fire/ dragons and Water/ serpents . Fire Purifies and Transmutes while Water heals , nurtures and nourishes us as we flow from one state / dimension to another.

Reality is Information. A Product of Measurement with self organizing patterns that shall double its algorithm as Consciousness fills the Void. E8 Math Symbolic Language which allows us to bend with the mind through the info/symbols given. Creating a Language within the Bodies Cellular system to reform memory of structure that’s non arbitrary code called the Mosaic Tiling Language which is a Quasicrystal Transformation.

The Alchemy Of Venus

Venus represents the perfect human.

It is portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man, in the shape of a pentagram with perfect proportions.

Venus’ 8 year retrograde cycle forms a pentagram, turning backwards on the ecliptic every 18 months, two points over from the prior retrograde.

Many proportions on the sides of a pentagram equal the divine ratio (1.618), the perfect ratio of human proportions.

The ratio of the orbits of the Earth to Venus is the divine ratio 

(365 days/225 days = 1.62).

The process of achieving human perfection is shown by the sequence of numbers (1-5:)

0. The Void, the Tao, the uncreated source of existence – the eternal Self.

1. Out of the void arises the mind of creation, the one Universal Mind – the Father.

2. Out of the universal mind arises the Mother, birth giver of the soul, our higher self and Guardian Angel – the Holy Ghost.

3. Born of an Immaculate Conception (pure idea), implanted within our Mother’s womb, is the child, the soul – the Son.

4. The soul embodies a human personality, surrounds itself with the four elements and seasons, and is crucified (transformed) on the cross – the Earth. (Earth’s symbol is a sun (son) cross, a circle on a cross.)

5. The personality liberates itself of all selfishness and embraces the will of its Higher Self – the Voice of Intuition. The Mother + Son becomes Christ (2+3=5). The one with whom God is pleased is lifted from the cross and the wheel of reincarnation. (Venus’ symbol is a circle above a cross.)

The numbers 6-9 represent the phases of higher existence, and show how the Christ being unites with the Father:

6. Brotherhood: The Christ being joins a blessed community.

7. Knowledge: The laws of reality become known.

8. Mastery: We become endowed with true creative power.

9. Enlightenment: Total self-awareness is realized. “I and the Father are one.”

10. Completion: Return to Source – Nirvana, Bliss.

*A diamond is considered the gemstone of Venus. It is created by compressing pure carbon under high-pressure circumstances within the Earth’s mantle for billions of years. When the diamonds (souls) are perfected, they are brought to the surface.


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