Soul Services

Life Coach

Redefining the Cycles & Patterns of Conditioning or Programs. Explore Your Freedom

Astrological Business Coach

Do What You Love and it’s not a Job.
Fresh Influential Guidance with a keen eye for Prosperity. Creating Abundance.

Men's Group - Zoom Introgrades

Join a Collective Consciousness of Divinity.
Integrating Inner Truth from the Akashic Collective. Enter the portal here.

Youth Group - Mentorship & Growth Program

Pattern Recognition & Reconditioning”
Creating New Cycles & Patterns for a Healthy lifestyle

Chart Readings

A Personal in depth Portfolio by Astrological design.
Re-coursing direction by affirmative action using your strengths. Create a new path

Reiki/ Pranic Healing & Chord Cut

Healing Hands offered with open arms.
Energy can be transferred from a distance. Find a sacred space, and Enjoy.

Projectors Council

A Council of Projectors offering Multi perspective Guidance.
Entering a portal of Projectors for guidance can be life changing for many. 

Soul Readings By Simone

A Beautiful Soul Shaman guides you through the garden of eden.
Taking you by the hand in direction of your Soul. #Walkwithme
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